Thermal - it can store water vapor up to 35 per cent of its own dry weight yet it remains dry to touch and speeds up the body's own cooling system.
Fire resistant - a fabric made entirely of wool is difficult to ignite, burns slowly, and has limited ability to sustain a flame.
Durable - the interlocking protein molecules with wool fibers have the power to elongate, stretch and recover, creating an extremely robust fabric that will last for years.
Static resistant - the retention of moisture within the fabric prevents a build-up of static electricity.
Dirt resistant - the crimp and the scales prevent dirt from penetrating the surface of the wool fiber and the static resistance also helps to resist dust and lint from the air.
Noise resistant - wool absorbs sound and reduces noise level considerably. Wool is also an ideal material used in such places as concert halls to attain the best acoustics possible.
Comfortable - its elasticity means garments fit so well and yield to body movement, it absorbs moisture, allows your body to breathe, yet never feels damp and clammy.
Versatile - wool fabric, knitwear and carpets are made from a wide range of wool types varying from extrafine for suits and knitwear through to broad fibers that give carpets their strength and character.
Fashionable - wool comes in a wide choice of textures, weaves and weights, and is suitable for any style required. No fabric drapes like wool fabric. It is alive, flexible and tailors easily.

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