Solbakken Farm is the home of our family and our sheep and assorted other farm animals. The name; Solbakken is of Norwegian origin and translates to "Sunny Hill" and that describes our past summer; "All Sun and no Rain." The drought affected our part of North Dakota again in 2004. Only timely rains in June saved the small grain crops. Pastures and hayland suffered again for the second year in a row. It is the weather cycle here on the Great Plains and a cycle that we relive, just as our Norwegian ancestors did when they came to North Dakota 120 years ago. The Merino breed of sheep has adapted to harsh climates here in the US as well as on the Australian continent, where they are most famous. The fine, white wool is renowned for its softness, brightness and for its warmth and comfort when processed into fine woolens. Our goal is to expand into another line of finished consumer goods such as sweaters and hats. Look for them in the future. We thank you for your support and your interest in our fine Merino Wool socks and yarns. And always…we enjoy hearing from our customers. Without you and your love of fine Merino woolens, we wouldn't be continuing to pursue our goals with our small band of Merinos.

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